Marvel film canon to include Doctor Strange and other obscure characters

Marvel has been doing it right with their films lately, with every movie since Iron Man ranking as a critical and financial blockbuster.

Marvel has a lot more films in the same story world planned, and as the canon develops, will be introducing some characters to the canon which not everyone is familiar with. We already know they’ve got films in the works for two more of the Avengers. After the Avengers film next summer, the studio is slated to begin work on films for Black Widow and Hawkeye.

Today, we’re hearing rumors that Marvel will finally be moving forward with long-stalled plans for a Doctor Strange film.

Strange is a former surgeon who becomes a talented Mentalist through the teachings of a mountain-top guru. His job is to defend Earth against fantastic creatures who attempt to break through the barriers between our world and the realms of the paranormal.

The studio has apparently got a script and a short-list of directors to develop the project. There has been no official announcement, but release is likely still years away, and dependant on the continuing success of Marvel’s films.

Marvel is also soliciting scripts for other projects like Ant-Man, Iron Fist, Black Panther, and the Inhumans. They also have a The Runaways film partially developed, which has been in development hell for some years now.

If all these films get made, and the studio makes sure that they remain in-canon with each other, watching this film empire build is going to be very exciting.

It really makes me wish films didn’t take at least a year and a half to make, but I know it will be well worth the wait if they are even half as good as the Marvel films we’ve seen over the last few years.