Man swipes police website to complain about speed cameras

A Tennessee man found the perfect revenge after he was given a speeding ticket – he bought the local police department’s website, and used it to complain.

Brian McCrary had a query about his $90 ticket, and visited the Bluff City Police Department website to resolve it. But when he saw that the domain name was about to expire, he snapped it up himself.

He’s now using the site to provide information on the location of speed cameras and give his fellow citizens a forum for griping about them. The site has had over 1,200 visitors in the three weeks since it was set up.

“It’s kind of surprising that they’d just let it lapse like that,” McCrary told the Bristol Herald Courier.  “I figured they would be aware [it was about to expire] and renew it on their own.”

The web hosting company, Go Daddy, had warned the Police Department that the domain was about to expire some three months in advance and several times since. Once the date was reached, the company posted a message on the site warning visitors that it was about to close, and it was this that gave McCrary his idea.

Police chief David Nelson admitted to the Courier that he just hadn’t got around to doing anything about renewing the registration. Another officer had been managing the site – but had gone off sick at the critical time.

“It’s just one of those things that happen,” he said.

Nelson’s now talking to other hosting companies about recreating the police department site.