Man makes his own iPad MicroSIM – using a meat cleaver

Apple’s decision to delay shipments of the iPad outside the US has caused a lot of frustration. While it’s possible to order one from the US, there’s not much point getting a 3G device unless you’ve got the MicroSIM to go with it.

But one British man has found the answer.

“This morning, my shiny new iPad 3G 64Gb arrived from the USA. The only problem was, it had an AT&T MicroSIM and as yet there is no such thing in the UK,” explains John Benson.

“So what’s the solution?  Get a chopping board, a meat cleaver and a pair of scissors – simples!”

Benson used a Vodafone SIM card and carefully aligned it with the AT&T one. Then – snip – the cut-down version fit in the iPad’s MicroSIM slot. It seems all the extra space is just plastic.

It works just fine, according to Benson, who was able to access Vodafone 3G within minutes, using his existing account.

He shows how it’s done, here.