Magic: The Gathering comics announced

IDW has confirmed they are working with Wizards of the Coast (the Hasbro subsidiary which publishes the Magic: The Gathering trading card game) on a comic book adaptation of the popular game.

The new line – which will simply be called Magic: The Gathering will not be based on the MTG novels or any other existing MTG stories.

Instead, a new, original planeswalker is being introduced as the protagonist, though he will be adventuring in the story-world of the game, surrounded by known characters and creatures.

A previous attempt at a comic book adaptation of the property over ten years ago was met with a cold reception, but in that time, the canon of the story-world has grown much deeper through the card game and the accompanying novels.

They will attempt to create additional appeal for the comics by offering exclusive Magic cards within the issues. These cards will not have new abilities, but will utilize card art which is not found in the normal booster packs.

The line, which will begin as a four-book miniseries, is written by author and game designer Matt Forbeck and illustrated by Martín Cóccolo. IDW’s Denton J. Tripton will serve as editor.

“Magic: The Gathering is an incredibly strong property which spawned a new entertainment category, and there is so much to be done creatively with comics,” says Tipton. “I’m really looking forward to telling new stories in the many worlds of Magic, which have been near and dear to my heart since the mid-90s.”

The plan is to keep the line going if this initial arc is successful, and to eventually collect the arcs into graphic novels. The comics and novels will sell at comic book stores as well as wherever MTG cards are sold.

No release date has yet been announced for Magic: The Gathering #1.