Lupin III to receive surprising revival

The Classic Anime series Lupin III may be getting some new episodes this year.

NTV, a major television station in Japan has Lupin III listed in its fall line-up, and Mantan news, which covers Japanese television, claims that a source has informed them that these are new Lupin III episodes.

Lupin III has a bit of a cult following in the U.S., a market which often only really appreciates anime of deep fantasy, like Princess Mononoke and The Dragonball franchise.

While Lupin III, which began as a manga in the 1960’s, has some fantastic elements, it’s mostly a crime comedy/drama.

Many of the elements therein, however were heavy influences for later, more popular Anime series, like Cowboy Bebop and Trigun.

Arsène Lupin III is the grandson of the Arsène Lupin of the early 1900’s French novels, which were essentially France’s answer to Britain’s Sherlock Holmes. Lupin the younger is a master thief.

Such is his great confidence and arrogance that he often warns his victims before attempting a theft. He travels around the world, stealing great or important works, with a small Münchhausenesque team consisting of a marksman, a blade-master, and a grifter, all the supernaturally expert at what they do, and equipped to maximum.

Only one Detective in the world is talented enough to catch Lupin, and each time he does, he makes certain that the theif can escape to be caught again, as Lupin prodes his only worldly challenge.

Lupin III has seen numerous television series, movies and specials, most of which have been at least been dubbed into English and French. The character has gone through many transformations since the 70’s, and in 2010 he finally retired after capstoning his career with the theft of a black-hole, which had been stored in a buddha statue.

It seems now that theat retirement is to be short-lived, unless this new series is going to cover some other aspect of Lupin III’s story. It could also be a prequel or a reboot. There have been no other details officially released, so it’s only possible to guess for now.

Also, the actual story from Mantan is a little vague, especially to one who doesn’t know much Japanese. The Google translation of the story reads, “Popular anime Lupin III will be broadcast on July 29 in NTV’s new this fall, according to sources.”

So if any of our readers have a better command of Japanese, and want to give us a better translation, please let us know in the comments.