LIKE – Woman tattoos Facebook friends on arm

How deeply engrained is Facebook in your daily life? Do you check it five times a day? Ten times a day? What about everytime you look down at your arm?

Well, one woman from the Netherlands engrained her love for Facebook into her forearm with a tattoo commemorating 152 of her closest friends.

The woman posted the video of her tattoo journey on YouTube under the name “susyj87” and has since garnered international attention.

Most of the attention isn’t from admirers, but rather from people wondering, WHO DOES THAT.

The woman says the tattoo represents “the people closest to me.”

Let’s think about this. First of all, this woman’s 152 closest friends will probably not be her 152 closest friends ten years from now.

Second of all, the tattoo pays homage to Facebook. A website. A WEBSITE. Yes, Facebook is cool right now, but MySpace, smiley faces, and peace signs were cool ten years ago… just saying, the staying power of Facebook isn’t a given.

Plus, anyone who told you a tattoo doesn’t hurt was lying. They hurt. That’s a whole lot of pain for a social networking site.

On the flipside, the tattoo represents a moment in time and will always represent a specific moment in time. Of course, not all of the 152 avatars on her arm will be her friend till the end, but it does represent her life at the moment she got the tattoo.

Is getting a Facebook avatar etched into your skin better or worse than getting a tattoo with a soon-to-be ex-boyfriend’s name on it? Let’s hope for her sake she doesn’t get defriended by any of the 152 permanent Facebook avatars on her arm anytime soon.