Lick an iPad 2 – win a trip to Fiji?

iPad this, iPad that. Yes, as if the world hasn’t heard enough about the “magical” tablet and its diehard fans. No, things have moved up yet another notch.

That’s right, a man has just won himself an all-expenses paid vacation to a private island in Fiji. 

Guess what he had to do in order to have this rare date with destiny?

Lick an iPad 2 – the whole 9.5 inches.

The pleasure of performing this noble task fell on none other than Samuel Yu in the context of a contest organized by Socialcam,’s mobile phone app. 

The rules of the game were for contestants to upload a clip of them (or their friends) performing a challenge drawn from a list provided.


Among the more noteworthy challenges to pick from were a favorite dance style, a barrel roll and the winner – licking something unusual. 

Well, Samuel chose to lick the iPad. With Apple products attracting equal zeal in both its fans and critics, the anti-iPad crowd is probably already citing this as the perfect example of the iPad being put to proper use.


But before Samuel Yu has to cower in fear in the wake of flying Apple gadgets for his outrageous show of iPad 2 sacrilege, it would help to take a step back and see that this heinous crime is not entirely unusual. People are doing all manner of things to get a free vacation – heck a free anything. Blame tough economic times perhaps?


And the businesses sponsoring such challenges are loving it! Just look at SocialCam and the other startups involved which, following the competition, saw their publicity go up significantly. Show me the money even if this means getting my customers to do ridiculous things.

Who’s laughing now, huh?