Kate Middleton kicked off Facebook

An unsuspecting healthcare worker was kicked off Facebook last week – for having the same name as Prince William’s fiancee.

Kate Middleton, 29, discovered she’d been booted out of the site late on Thursday night after repeated unsuccessful attempts to log in. When she investigated, she found that Facebook had acted on the assumption that she had registered under a false name.

“I have pictures of my nephew on there who is growing up, and all my contacts. Some of those people I haven’t seen for 15 years since I was at school. I don’t know, if they ever do let me back in, whether that will be saved,” she told the Daily Telegraph.

“I’m trying to arrange a 30th birthday party in February and now I cant get in touch with half the people. They should have got in touch with me first, asked me to contact them within a set period of time and prove who I was.”

She points out that she’s been a member for three years, and that her profile picture looks nothing like that of William’s fiancee.

Last night, Facebook admitted its error and agreed to reinstate Middleton. It said it reviews thousands of entries a day, and is bound to make the occasional mistake.

Given that there are hundreds of ‘Kate Middletons’ on Facebook, many of whom are clearly fake, it seems surprising that this particular one came in for trouble – unless, perhaps, it’s because her boyfriend also shares a famous name, this time with a well-known television presenter.

However, despite being called Jonathan Ross, he’s been allowed to keep his account.