Jobs relents and authorises biography

Steve Jobs hasn’t been best pleased at previous efforts to write his biography. But, it seems, he’s now found somebody worthy of the task.

According to the New York Times,  the book – Jobs’ first authorised biography – will be produced by Walter Isaacson, former managing editor in chief of Time magazine. With Isaacson’s previous subjects including Einstein and Benjamin Franklin, Jobs must now feel he’s getting the company he deserves.

Jobs hasn’t much liked what’s been written about him in the past – Bloomberg‘s 2008 obituary (oops) went down particularly badly. Last year, he tried to block a long profile in the Sunday Times newspaper.

And in 2005, he got so cross about an unauthorised biography that he ordered that all books produced by its publisher, John Wiley & Sons, be pulled from Apple Store shelves.

After persistent rumors about his health last year, Jobs reluctantly opened up enough to confirm that he had had a liver transplant.

The book will apparently cover the whole of Jobs’ life so far, from his Silicon Valley childhood to the moment when he brought the Tablet down from Mount Sinai.