Jet-powered Batmobile up for sale

Well, we now know what we’re doing with the office slush fund this year – buying a real-life jet-powered Batmobile.

Up for sale on eBay, and a complete steal at a current price of $620,000, it’s being sold by its creator Casey Putsch – who’s had only a month or two to enjoy it.

“Completed in 2011, this car was constructed in a professional racing facility alongside Grand Prix, DTM, Indy and Sports Racing cars. Its construction is in a completely different league than both replicas and of course the movie prop cars,” says Putsch.

“Having a perfect reliability record, this car is ready to be enjoyed by an enthusiast who is looking for the ultimate luxury in one-upmanship.”

There’s even an iPad on the dashboard.

Unlike the vehicles used in the film, this is actually powered by a 365-horesepower Boeing turbine engine, taken from a Gyrodyne QH-50 Dash drone helicopter, which runs on Jet A, kerosene or diesel.

It’s street legal and ready to drive – and may not be as dangerous as you think. “Exhaust gases, while hot, do not have the destructive force that popular myth assumes,” says Putsch.

We’ve got a few days to clear the boxes out of the Batcave in preparation – the auction closes on Monday at about 3.30 pm PDT. There have been 37 offers so far.