iPad comes to aid of fat-fingered sumo wrestlers

Japan’s Sumo Association has decided that the iPad is the perfect device for its fat-fingered wrestlers, and is dishing them out to all its training establishments.

The teeny-tiny buttons found on smartphones and even PCs are simply unusable for the battling behemoths, who apparently find themselves bashing several keys at once whenever they try to type.

Instead, sumo wrestlers have been forced to rely on phone calls and faxes when swapping diet tips with their colleagues.

However, when the association came under fire over match-fixing scandals, some of the criticism centered on the association’s lack of internal communication. Pressure grew for it to clean up its act and join the 21st century.

Now, around 60 iPads are to be distributed to all 51 training schools, known as ‘stables’, and the wrestlers are being trained to use them. The association’s spending over $35,000 on the move.

“It seems rather easy to use. Sending emails was very easy,” association chief Hanaregoma told Reuter. “Time flies if you play with this.”

Apple, take note. While the trend is generally for devices to get smaller and smaller, there are some people out there who disagree. If the company just adds phone functionality to the iPad, the device could gain a whole new market.

There must be plenty more people out there who don’t see why they shouldn’t have a cool iPhone just because their fingers are like sausages.