Hipster Sabrina could be rebooted

Archie Comics and MoonScoop Entertainment recently announced that they are working on a proposal to bring a modernized version of their classic title Sabrina the Teenage Witch back to television.

The new show would be CGI with seemingly similar style to other modern CGI series, like Star Wars Clone Wars – although we only have non-3D concept art so far for comparison. In the reboot, Sabrina has been made “current,” complete with hipster jeans, anime hair, a Bratz face, and a magic tattoo.

Her cat – and my favorite character in the story – Salem, will also get a makeover, making him still more mischievous than in the original comics.

Many viewers would be mostly familiar with Sabrina as the protagonist of the seven season television show starring Melissa Joan Hart, but the teenage witch has actually been around a lot longer than that.

She got her start in 1962 in the pages of Archie’s Madhouse comics, where she had a substantial run. The television character didn’t come about until 1996, then there was the short lived – 2 seasons – cartoon show which started in 1999.

This version of the witch will likely try to appeal to a mixed audience of adults and children, as is the current trend of animated series – for everyone but Disney.

“This is the first new animation for Sabrina in almost 10 years,” said Jon Goldwater, Archie Comics Chief Executive. “It’s a combination of ‘Twilight’ meets ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ … she’s more modern.”

MoonScoop is currently shopping the show around to the networks, so of course, the show is not guaranteed. Some network would have to decide they want it first, but I think it’s a pretty fair bet that if we don’t see it on a major network in 2012, we’ll see it on a cable network.

They’ve also alluded to the possibility of Sabrina films in the future.