Harrods unveils million-dollar advent calendar

The world’s most expensive Advent calendar has gone on sale in the world’s favorite corner shop, Harrods.

While most of us make do with a cardboard sheet concealing two dozen slightly melted chocolates, the posh peoples’ version – worth a million dollars, apparently – features a speedboat and a designer kitchen. Because people buying that sort of thing do a lot of their own cooking, obviously.

Unfortunately, the calendar won’t fit on many people’s mantelpiece, which is no doubt the reason you won’t be getting one. It stands around 1.75 metres high and is made of brushed aluminium – we’re not sure whether you can put it in the recycling box when you’re finished. Those items too large for its windows are displayed on special plates.

It reveals, each day up to December 24, a new surprise from its creators, Porsche Design. And it’s hard to imagine what you could buy your loved one for Christmas Day itself that wouldn’t be just a bit of an anticlimax in comparison.

Along with the RFF28 speedboat and P´7340 kitchen, the contents include a fancy Porsche Design P´6910 Indicator watch in rose gold, as well as a pair of gold sunglasses, a pair of Bounce:S running shoes and a luggage set.

The million-dollar – plus local tax – Porsche Design Advent calendar is only available in a limited edition of five, one for every continent. Other than Harrods, it’s available from the company’s Design Stores Worldwide.

That’s if there’s any left; the TG Daily staff have been dropping hints to the boss all day, and we think we might be wearing him down.