Ghostbusters comics coming this fall

IDW Comics and Sony Pictures have announced they are working on a monthly line to be based on the popular ghost-fighting team.

The first story will begin as Ray seems to be having terrible phychokinetic nightmares related to a ramping up of supernatural occurences in the city.

While bussiness is good for the Ghostbusters, it also means that something terrible is likely about to happen, and once again the boys are the only thing standing between New York and the apocalypse.

IDW has put out Ghostbusters comics in the past in the form of one-shots and mini-series, but this is the first time a monthly line has been attempted.

“My dream since I took over the editorial duties on IDW’s Ghostbusters comics license was to bring the boys in proton packs to monthly comics,” said series editor Tom Waltz.

“…The incredible success of Ghostbusters: Infestation has proven that Ghostbusters fans, old and new alike, are still very hungry for ghostbusting tales. With the awesome creative team we’ve gathered to make it happen, the best is yet to come!”

Each issue will also contain a two page mini-episode of Tales of Teenage Mutant Turtles. Ghostbusters #1 will be available for four bucks in September this year.