Garter texts jealous boyfriends to warn of infidelity

Well, isn’t this the most romantic thing you’ve ever heard? A UK husband and wife team is marketing a garter that alerts a woman’s partner if she’s in danger of being unfaithful.

The Chastity Garter contains sensors which monitor the heart rate from the femoral artery in the thigh in real time, as well as surface moisture, to detect when a woman’s getting hot and steamy.

“If the chastity garter detects a wife or girlfriend’s abnormally rising pulse during sex when the husband or boyfriend isn’t around, or if the garter is removed from the body, then it will automatically send him a warning text message,” says the company, Gorgeous Garters.

Apparently Edward and Lucinda Hale came up with the idea after Mrs Hale embarked on a little extra-marital activity. While other couples might have considered marriage guidance counselling, the Hales saw a business opportunity.

They’re charging between £60 and £75 for the garter, depending on whether it’s made from silk or lace, and it’s flying off the shelves – indeed, the company’s currently sold out.

Mr Hale told the Daily Mail that the couple have sold one to a Premier league soccer player worried about his wife playing away.

“A gypsy businessman even came to our warehouse wanting to buy 100 garters for cash to sell on to the travelling community at fairs and weddings – so we were more than happy to oblige,” he said.

We’re not quite sure how strong the elastic is in the Chastity Garter – but at £75 we’d expect it to be robust enough for a spot of strangulation. If by chance there’s one waiting for us at the dinner table tonight, we’ll let you know.