YouPorn, iPad’s killer app

The puritanical Steve Jobs many not want adult content sullying his shiny devices, but porn on an iPad is clearly a no-brainer for the lucrative sex industry.

Indeed, the naughty YouP orn is already using HTML5 to stream steamy movies to Apple’s iPad browser.

Nevertheless, Flash remains the standard delivery platform for the majority of adult websites – which means the Internet’s largest porn havens are frustratingly out of reach for iPad owners.

“Whether that was Steve Jobs’ intent is not clear, but up until recently it has been an effective way to control the type of content that users could watch on the iPad,” explained Ryan Lawler of NewTeeVee.

“That could be changing soon, as more porn sites turn to HTML5 videos encoded in H.264 to reach the growing audience of iPad users.” 

Lawley added that he expected “many more” sites to follow YouPorn’s lead by offering iPad-friendly video formats.

“Adult film studios like Vivid Entertainment and are already working on making their content viewable on the iPad, but more so-called ‘tube’ sites are bound to follow, particularly as the device gains market share.”