Yes, this is why Sony’s NGP rules

Sony’s slick NGP ain’t your grandaddy’s dusty Atari Lynx or your mom’s antique monochrome Game Boy (sorry, Tetris).

No, as Sony’s latest NGP trailer proves, the device is in a winning class all by itself.

Seriously folks, this is classic gaming at its finest. 

So forget Nintendo’s gimmicky 3DS. 

Like how long do you really think you can stare at that screen before your eyes go all wonky and a roaring headache ensues?

No, the NGP is where it’s at, dude.

Don’t believe me?

Hell, just check out some of the games in the demo before you Nintendo fanbois yammer and stammer. 

That’s right, baby, the NGP has got it going on, with high-quality, seamless gameplay of (*mainstream*) titles like Killzone, Resistance, Gravity Daze, Broken and yes, of course, LittleBigPlanet!

So, yeah, it’s NGP all the way for me!