Xbox update today may pave way for tomorrow

There’s an Xbox Live update hitting your Xbox 360 console today but it won’t change anything – at least, nothing you can see.

But anyone with the slightest sense of curiosity has got to believe this is a preliminary update for what will be a massive overhaul to the system next month.

Microsoft has been rolling out significant upgrades to the internal Xbox 360 software consistently over the last few years, and this one is expected to be as big as any of the others.

Microsoft teased the update at the annual E3 trade show earlier this year. Among the features expected to roll out are the ability to stream live TV, have access to exclusive sports and music content, and deeper integration and menu controls with the Kinect motion and voice recognition.

Microsoft has been going all out to promote the new features, including paying for theatrical advertisements even though the update hasn’t been rolled out yet.

It’s been suggested that the update will happen in mid to late November, with the dates November 15 and November 25 popping up in scattered unconfirmed reports.

But today’s update is nothing spectacular. Gamers will need to be logged out of Xbox Live when it goes up. “This is a general system maintenance update and there are no new features that will show up once your system has been updated,” confirmed Xbox PR guy Larry Hryb in his official blog.