Xbox 360: Over 40 million served

Despite recent lagging sales of Microsoft’s game console, it has managed to jump over the 40 million unit milestone worldwide, though there’s still a lot of catch-up to do if it is to ever eclipse Wii sales.

Microsoft today released its quarterly earnings report, and although year-to-year Q1 sales are down 12% for the Xbox division, it was able to reach the new milestone.

No one’s shedding any tears over the company as a whole, however. Microsoft’s total profit was up 35% over 2009 thanks in large part to Windows 7 and Office sales.

The 360 is the only console that’s currently in a slump. Wii sales are still consistently strong, and PS3 numbers are soaring above where they were a year ago. The Xbox 360 is still in a pretty solid second place worldwide, but the 5 – 7 million unit lead it has over the PS3 is not insurmountable.

The Wii, meanwhile, has lifetime unit sales of over 65 million which gives it a very padded first place lead.