Xbox 360 "Game Room" arcade to be stale until May

Microsoft launched its virtual arcade room on the Xbox 360 earlier this month, but it won’t be adding any new games to the space until late next month.

When it launched on March 24, the Game Room debuted with 30 classic arcade titles. Users can pay around $5 for each arcade title and add it to their own virtual arcade for unlimited play.

There were some problems with the new service’s launch, namely that some of the games were not working and presented users with various errors. Perhaps it wasn’t quite ready for prime time, because now Microsoft is halting any new arcade releases until the end of April.

“New games will be added to the service every week, starting in late April,” wrote a Microsoft employee going by the name “trilobiting” in a post on the official Xbox forums.

Once the new titles are added, though, Microsoft expects to be refreshing the catalog with new additions every week.