Would an Apple console shake up the gaming market?

With Sony and Nintendo dominating the console market, it seemed like only a pipe dream when Microsoft made a grand entrance with its very own Xbox.

But thanks to the company’s million dollar plus budget and perseverance, Redmond was able to elbow its way in with the wildly popular 360 and Kinect.

But are we destined to play with the same consoles – from the same mega-corporations – for all eternity? 

For example, do other, smaller companies stand a chance of succeeding in the uber-competitive gaming console market?

EA vice president Eric Soderlund says probably not so much. 

However, he did cite a single company that might be able to do it: the one and only Apple.

“If it was anyone but Apple, I’d say that’s going to be very hard [to break into the gaming console market],” he told CVG. 

“[Yeah], I still think it’s going to be extremely hard for them but they’ve surprised many people before.”

“[I mean], look at what they did with the iPhone, right? They are a truly brilliant company so I would give them a relatively good chance to succeed if they tried.”

It should also be noted that Nintendo’s American President Reggie Fils-Aime recently admitted Apple could indeed hurt the company sales more than Microsoft.

But even so, does Apple have a strategy of eventually breaking into the console gaming genre?

Trends in sales for the iPod Touch and games in Apple’s app store certainly illustrate that Cupertino is capable of making major headway in the market. 

Still, only time will tell if the company decides to take the risk and design its very own (and undoubtedly sleek) gaming console.

[Via MCV UK]