Will Kinect ever appeal to core gamers?

Microsoft’s Kinect platform has managed to successfully attract casual gamers and significantly extend the Xbox 360 life cycle.

But is the motion sensing device capable of appealing to core gamers?

Well, Fable creator Peter Molyneux says core audiences are “pretty tied” to their controllers, but may be swayed if developers code a Kinect-oriented game as “full and engaging” as a traditional controller-based title.  

However, Molyneux acknowledges encountering a number of difficulties in adapting Fable: Journey for the Kinect, including navigation issues, lack of an immersive “feel,” and deciding upon an appropriate mode of transport for gamers who are sitting, rather than standing. 

Still, Molyneux remains optimistic about the future of Kinect and core gaming, telling CVG the platform reminds him of the mid-80s “when we got the Amiga and started playing with a mouse.”

“I can remember everyone writing about how the mouse is the worst thing for gaming, [because] before that we were all doing stuff with a joystick,”  Molyneux reminisces. 

“[So] it took a little while for the development community to start exploring and experiment with it. But out of that exploration and experimentation came Wolfenstein and Doom and real-time strategy games.”

According to the Fable creator, any innovation as big as the Kinect takes a while for the industry to sink its teeth into.

“I agree with the skepticism from core gamers because there is no example yet of anything which is as dramatic or as exciting (as a game on a controller) or even an experience that lasts more than 15 minutes.

“When you get past the idiosyncrasies which every control mechanism has, Kinect is a wonderful device to innovate on.”

Molyneux adds that Kinect offers a fresh start for the industry – which is definitely timely – as he is now “just a little bit bored of doing things the same way” in games.

“I love new ideas and innovation. I think mixing things up with emotional gameplay and mixing things up with the way you play and the feeling of connections and Kinect… It [just] feels a bit more refreshing for me.”