Wii U will not play DVD or BD movies

Although Nintendo’s next console aims to push the envelope, it won’t have what many gamers have come to consider a standard feature.

The Wii U, which is due out some time next year, will not be able to play DVD or Blu-ray Disc movies.

Much like the Wii, Nintendo wants to promote the Wii U as a gaming-exclusive platform.

At a briefing after last week’s E3 unveiling, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata said, “Wii U does not have DVD or Blu-ray playback capabilities.”

That may take away value from the console, especially considering the Xbox, Xbox 360, PS2, and PS3 have all been able to play DVD movies, and the latter can run Blu-ray Disc movies as well.

Although the new console is taking great strides to compete against the PS3 and Xbox 360 – including finally adding HD video support and an improved computer processor – it still faces some difficulty.

For example, even though the processor and graphics power will be stronger than the PS3 or Xbox 360, Nintendo has decided not to use the most up-to-date components for the Wii U. That means it will be outdated before the console even begins shipping, making it very easy for the next version of the Xbox or Playstation to come right back and trump Nintendo again.

In addition, there was nothing revealed about the Wii U’s online capabilities, leaving many hesitant gamers concerned that, like the Wii, there will not be any sort of streamline online community for Wii U players, which could be a problem in an industry where services like the Playstation Network and Xbox Live are fundamental features.