Wii U game Super Smash Bros Universe leaked

It looks like the next game in Nintendo’s highly successful Super Smash Bros series will be called Super Smash Bros Universe.

Nintendo announced at E3 earlier this year that a new title in the franchise was being developed for the upcoming console. The announcement was made mainly as a way to attract new developers to the platform, since Super Smash Bros is the kind of title that can move serious amounts of hardware.

According to what seems to be a leaked document, the game will be called Super Smash Bros Universe, and further details include hints that other non-Nintendo franchises will join the fray this time.

Super Smash Bros Brawl, one of the all time best-selling Wii games, gained notoriety for having Konami franchise favorite Snake, as well as long-time Mario rival Sonic the Hedgehog, as part of the playable character list.

Nintendo has responded to publications requesting an official word that it has no statement on the purported leak.

Meanwhile, Masahiro Sakurai, the creator of Super Smash Bros, has blasted Nintendo for even talking about the new entry in the series. Sakurai, who will be instrumental in the development of the game, hasn’t even started work on it yet. He’s currently focused on what will likely be a cult hit, Kid Icarus Uprising.

So regardless of whether or not the document is legitimate, it doesn’t matter that much because clearly the game is years away from being released.