Why Steve Jobs couldn’t get a slice of pizza

Flour + Water wants you to know that Steve Jobs is just an ordinary fellow who doesn’t begrudge the popular restaurant for refusing to seat him without a reservation

“I think the real story here is that Steve was an absolute stand up guy about the whole matter. Insanely popular though Flour + Water is, and very much of its neighborhood, he came to the resto without reservations and just missed getting a seat because of those waiting in front of him,” restaurant spokesperson Liam Passmore told TG Daily in an e-mailed statement.

“In order to keep the restaurant accessible to folks in the hood and such, only about 30-40% of the room is able to be reserved at any given time.

He didn’t pull rank and/or use any devices such as ‘do you know who i am?; in order to force a table.”

Passmore emphasized that Jobs “wasn’t snubbed” and noted the celebrity CEO had received no preferential treatment, “nor did he ask for any.”

“Steve Jobs is a guy who has impacted the world in the last 10-15 years in ways most of us can only dream of. He’s survived pancreatic cancer and a liver transplant and there’s no doubt in my mind he’ll survive not getting into Flour + Water.”  

“And while we can’t offer Steve a table if he just shows up without reservations and the place is socked in with diners, we’d still love it if he got a second chance at the food.”

He added that the trendy and hip Flour + Water was “by no means” a simple pizzeria.

“Though Flour + Water does offer pizza – and has a small wood burning oven to conjure them up – it is a full fledged resto [which] specializes in house made pastas and other dishes.

“[The menu] has been noted in such press as the SF Chronicle, NY Times, Washington Post, Food and Wine, Gourmet, 7×7, San Francisco Magazine and was a finalist for a James Beard Award for best new restaurant.”