Why Cross-Platform Gaming Will Change Mobile Games for Good

Why cross-platform gaming will change mobile games for good

As mobile gaming continues to expand at an unprecedented rate, it’s now invading cross-platform gaming territory. But what is cross-platform gaming? Cross-platform gaming (also known as cross-play) is when users on different brand consoles are able to play together. This takes the competition out of the device the gamer users, like Sony’s Playstation and Microsoft’s Xbox, and places it at the core of the gamers abilities.

Platform territorialism

Until now, gamers could only play with or against friends and foes over networks specific to the device they use – for example Xbox gamers could only join games on the Xbox’s network service, Xbox Live, while Playstation gamers were restricted to joining games on Playstation Plus. The reason many of the gaming industry’s big players like Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft have been so hesitant to sign-up to cross-platform gaming in the past is that it removed exclusivity: if a game can be played against friends on any device, then the device itself could easily become irrelevant.

However, at E3 2017, the world’s biggest gaming expo, a spokesperson for Xbox said the gaming giant was more than willing to work with other gaming companies to make cross-platform gaming a reality. Microsoft has recognised that supporting interoperability is in everyone’s interest – especially the gamer’s. This sentiment was echoed by Epic Games’ founder and CEO Tim Sweeney, who said, “it’s really in gamers’ interest to play with all of their friends. Gamers who play with their friends spend more and are more engaged.” It appears the gaming industry is finally starting to listen and platform territorialism is becoming a thing of the past.

Cross-platform mobile gaming

Cross-platform gaming has been on the wishlist of the gaming community for years, but it’s been all but blocked at every turn by major players in the gaming industry, most notably Sony. However, recent developments like Minecraft’s cross-platform multiplayer service show that the industry is shifting to a less platform-specific model, and the spotlight is on the industry’s big names to take the next step in making cross-platform gaming a reality.

Mobile gaming has been taking an increasing portion of the global gaming market share in recent years, so it should come as no surprise that cross-platform gaming is on the rise. Many Android and iOS 11 users are ecstatic about the range of iOS Android cross platform games released over the last year, snapping up the biggest releases in mobile gaming history. To steer you in the right direction, we have compiled a list of the best and more popular cross-platform mobile games for your consideration.

Pokémon GO

With nearly 10 million users and 800 million downloads from all over the world, Pokémon GO is one of the most played games in history. Available on both Android and iOS, Pokémon GO is cross-platform compatible and uses Augmented Reality (AR) to heighten player engagement and enjoyment.

Minecraft Pocket Edition

Superseding the amount of Pokémon GO users, Minecraft Pocket Edition is set to double its players over the next few years. Not only is Minecraft Pocket Edition available on both Android and iOS, it is also supported by Windows Mobile and is therefore in high demand. This means you can enjoy the endless world of procedurally-generated farms, caves, forests and jungles on any platform you wish.

Rivers Casino

With hundreds of bingo, sling and slot games, leading cross-platform casino app Rivers Casino is available to download on a vast range of Android and iOS devices, including tablet and mobile. Never before has it been so easy to enjoy the glamour and excitement of a live casino with your friends from the comfort of your own home.

Real Racing

Real Racing is an award-winning high-intensity game series which provides users with the ultimate racing adventure. Available on iOS and Android, with over 200 million downloads, Real Racing has rapidly gained a reputation for being one of the best racing games ever made. Cross-platform technology allows you to race anyone, anytime, anywhere on its expanding and real-looking racing tracks – but you’ll have to play it to believe it.

The evolving future of cross-platform gaming looks bright. The world’s biggest tech players like Amazon are starting to claim a stake in cross-platform gaming, while Microsoft and Sony are both beginning to warm to the idea meaning gamers can expect more innovation in coming years. What do you think? Are you a fan of cross-platform gaming? Let us know in the comments section.