Why are Gaming Stocks Becoming More Popular? 

Gaming stocks are on the rise. They’re surging with a power that can even rival the movie making magic of Hollywood, as nearly a decade ago came the first reports that video games were out performing major motion pictures in revenue. All this time later, that momentum hasn’t slowed down one bit.

When a trend is in sight, people will want to capitalise on it, and the gaming industry is no exception. Consequently, it’s worth asking that crucial question; why are gaming stocks becoming so exceedingly popular?

Younger Interest

Ideas fade with time unless the next generation is willing to pick up the baton and take it further. Today, older generations struggle to really get to grips with technology and they aren’t willing to keep up. This is something they don’t have in common with their offspring. Statistically, the video game market is overwhelmingly populated by young adults, which pits the industry into a state of constant growth.

Fresh voices and fresh interest are brilliant mixtures for revitalising stocks and shares, and there’s more and more young people entering the world by the second. Moreover, in the event of social media, they all want to stay on trend to impress friends and, unlike many of their elders, keep up with the world’s advancements. People always dream of ways to make money out of their hobbies, and now with the power of youthful vigour and steady stocks, it’s more possible (and lucrative) than ever.

Easy Access

Investment might seem like a very adult word to young people, and with low wages or a lack of work, the word alone may have once been enough to turn off their interest immediately. Today, in the event of the internet, social media and the subsequent easy access to learning and information, any supposedly outlandish and lucrative idea is at least worth a google search to find out more, and potentially, discover an opportunity.

If younger people are seeking an investment specialist, they can simply turn to people like Hymans Robertson who will help them move forward. They’re not hard to find, and they provide a great professional service in investment consultation. No doubt these kinds of services greatly influence gaming stocks, educating a new generation instead of reserving stocks and shares for powerful men in suits. They’re open to all, and anyone can get involved if they have a computer and an internet connection – which happens to be mostly younger people too!


If someone says that they ‘like video games’, it’s a sweeping statement to make that can have a broad range of implications; do they like narratively driven games, mobile phone games, esports coverage, downloadable content, PS4 or computer games, microtransactions, or subscription-based MMORPG’s? There are millions of businesses and products behind each one, constantly distributing new content to an ever-expanding player base.

Put simply, the video game world is extremely busy in terms of how much it innovates, produces and sells, and it’s no wonder it’s turning heads for a piece of the action. Like Hollywood or literature, it’s teeming with alternative genres and millions of creators and artists, enticing customers of all races, genders and backgrounds. Some games even influence worldwide debate around social justice, rooted in a position that changes cultures and the way we think. This kind of worldwide impact undoubtedly drives up the amount of people who pay heed to the stocks.