Who will AOL acquire next?

Yes, we all know that AOL acquired TechCrunch and 5min Media. But who’s next? Will it be Vimeo, Alltop, Huffington Post…or TG Daily? 

C’mon people, let’s make a wager!

Now, odd-makers at YouWager.com have kindly sent us a list of the companies most likely to be acquired by AOL in the near future.

It seems as if Vimeo and Alltop are at the top, closely followed by Gamespot and Mediapost.

It’s time to place your bets, folks, so check out the full list below.

And hey, remember, this is just like Vegas. 

You’re up, you’re down, but in the end, the house (AOL) always wins! 

So, the next major content player to be acquired by AOL is:

  • Vimeo:             (33%), +200
  • Alltop:              (29%), +250
  • Gamespot:      (25%), +300
  • Mediapost:      (16%), +500
  • Huff Post:        (13%), +700
  • Howcast:         (09%), +1000
  • Ezine Articles:  (09%), +1000
  • Funny or Die:   (05%), +2000
  • Other:              (04%), -2500
  • NowPublic:      (02%), +5000

Note: The +/- indicates the return on the wager.

For example, betting on the odd least likely to win would earn the most amount of money, should that happen. The percentage is the likelihood the odd will happen.