Who is hotter? Sarah Palin or Snooki?

Who do you think is hotter? The utterly demure Republican Sarah Palin or the whiny Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi?

Yes, it’s definitely a conundrum. And as Barack “Barry” Obama would say, one that is probably well beyond my pay grade.

Luckily, the folks on Twitter have spoken.

According to Simon Dumenco of the Advertising Age, “Palin” has been mentioned in an average of 7,000 tweets per day over the past month, whereas Snooki managed to rack up an impressive 6,000.

Still, all is not lost for the Jersey Shore star, who experienced a staggering one-day peak of 10,599 tweets on October 14.

In contrast, Palin – even with Bristol and Todd in the mix – couldn’t get beyond a sub-par 5,604 tweets that same day.

Interestingly enough, men are much more likely to tweet about Palin than Snooki.


Palin tweets skew approximately 60% male, compared to Snooki, who tweets only skew about 40% male.

Nevertheless, @SarahPalinUSA has 279,799 followers on Twitter, while @Sn00ki maintains a whopping list of 771,750.