What’s holding up Star Trek 2?

No matter how hard it is to get information on a big movie, the geeks will not be denied.

As we discussed yesterday, there’s been a great deal of silence about Star Trek II, which is one of the most awaited sequel in recent memory, but finally Deadlineand TrekMovie managed to get some answers.

As you probably know, JJ Abrams came along and reinvented one of the most beloved franchises in sci-fi, resulting in rave reviews and huge box office revenues.

There’s of course a release date for the sequel, June 29, 2012, with a writing team in place that includes Roberto Orci, Alex Kurtzman, and Damon Lindelof.

Orci and Kurtzman wrote for Abrams’ Alias, and they also wrote Mission: Impossible III and the Transformers films, and Lindelof wrote for Lost.


Part of the holdup is/was they’re all working on other projects, with Abrams finishing up Super 8, Kurtzman making his movie debut with Welcome to People, Orci worked on Cowboys and Aliens and the upcoming Ender’s Game, and Lidnelof on Prmoethus, which was going to be Ridley Scott’s 3D prequel to Alien, but is now a completely different movie, a much smarter idea me thinks.

Chris Pine is also slated to be the new Jack Ryan for the reboot of that franchise, which is waiting for a script rewrite.


Finally Orci broke the silence to trekmovie.com that there still isn’t a script, but a 70 page outline, and everyone’s waiting for Abrams to confirm he’ll direct before everything can move ahead.

Deadline feels the release date could get pushed back towards the end of ’12, with the sequel to G.I. Joe possibly filling the hole for the summer.

As one fan commented on Deadline: “It took a long time for J.J. and Paramount to reboot Star Trek, and they did a great job with a cool new franchise. Don’t make Star Trek 2 a release date…make it a good film.”