What will Michael Bay do after Transformers?

After the ginormous success of Transformers 3, what’s next for Michael Bay? 

Another huge epic that’s even bigger, louder, more bombastic and headsplitting than ever? What?

A much smaller movie with a twenty million dollar budget? This is Michael Bay we’re talking about here, right?

Well, apparently his next movie will be a dark comedy called Pain & Gain, which he says will be in the vein of Pulp Fiction, with only a $20 million dollar budget – his smallest yet. Umm, seriously, can you even make a movie for that anymore?


Pain & Gain is actually a project that was announced a long time ago, as Bay reportedly wanted to make the film ten years before he got caught up with Transformers.

It’s a true story about body builders up to bad sh*t in Miami, reportedly a kidnapping and extortion racket that goes wrong, and it’s based on an article in The Miami New Times written by Pete Collins. 

The screenplay for Pain & Gain was written by the team of Christopher Markus and Stpehn McFeely, who also penned the upcoming big screen adaption of Captain America, and The Chronicles of Narnia.


Want another “high concept” pitch of the story, meaning a description of the film in thirty seconds or less? Slash Film reports the film is being described as “Fargo and Pulp Fiction,” and “Point Break with bodybuilders.”


Back in 1997, Michael Bay was featured in a Los Angeles Magazine story about hot Hollywood talents under forty. He swore he’d fool them all and make a movie like Diner some day, which obviously was his idea of an art-house film. 

So Bay will now be working on movie making muscles he’s never used before, and won’t have tons of CGI, and endless hundreds of millions to burn for his budget, and there’s even a report there’s only one car crash in the movie! 

But hey, after all, no pain, no gain.