What type of gamer are you? Now there’s an answer

Analyst firm Jon Peddie Research has tackled one of the most common questions in the gaming industry.

So the next time someone asks you “what kind of gamer are you?” you’ll be prepared with an answer.

In short, JPR found that PC gamers tended to be more hardcore than console players, but for the most part the type of gamer you are depends on the kind of games you play, and how often you play.

Based on results from surveys and individual feedback, JPR came up with a scale that places gamers as either Casual, Mainstream, Enthusiast, or Extreme Enthusiast.

Here’s the breakdown, as defined by JPR:

Extreme enthusiasts play intense first person shooters and flight sim (on-line or singular) and have the most powerful computers, latest and best graphics, 24- to 30-inch displays, often more than one. Extreme enthusiasts will often play in tournaments and LAN parties. Some may play for money. Extreme enthusiast gamers are also often called “hard-core” or “pro” gamers. Extreme enthusiasts play three to ten hours a day.

Enthusiasts play the same games as Extreme enthusiast as well as RPG, fighting, sports, and driving games. They have very good computers and either latest or more typically one generation old graphics, 19- to 24- inch displays. Enthusiasts play ten to twenty hours a week.

Mainstream gamers occasionally may play a FPS, play some RPG, and sports, most often play strategy, adventure, and various sim games (but typically not the most demanding racing or flight titles). They have midrange computers, midrange graphics, 17- to 19-inch displays. Mainstream gamers play one to ten hours a week

Casual gamers play mostly on-line, some strategy, music and puzzles, simple adventure like games, and simple sim games like Farmville. They have midrange or less computers, midrange to entry-level graphics, and 17- to 19-inch displays. Casual gamers play one to ten hours a week.

So…what type of gamer are you?