WebWars launches new browser-based gaming platform

San Francisco (CA) – WebWars has launched a new browser-based platform that offers a “layered reality” gaming experience. The platform utilizes Flash to create interchangeable themes, advanced gameplay mechanics and social networking features.

“The online games development model has been broken for some time, and we see the WebWars platform as a transformational offering in terms of how these games are created. By making the Web browser itself into a fundamental component of the game, we are able to deliver rewarding gameplay while still offering gamers flexibility in how and when they play,” explained WebWars CEO Cindy Armstrong. “Layered reality gaming is the ideal form of entertainment for many players because it removes the barriers between the game they enjoy playing and the Web sites they enjoy visiting.”

According to Armstrong, the WebWars development approach is based on a number of easily extendable game “modules” that provide flexible building blocks for any type of online game development. The “event-driven” modules can then be customized and re-used in other titles.

Weblings, the first game built on the WebWars platform, will focus on players collecting items in a fantasy-based depiction of the Internet.

“Bugs, viruses, and other malevolent creatures have free rein on the Internet, where they attempt to distort and destroy information online,” read a company description of the title. “Even worse, they have created a way to imprison the Weblings forever – trapping them within mirror gates, then shattering and spreading the mirror shards throughout the Internet. The Weblings need our help to find the scattered shards, reassemble the mirror gates, and help them become strong enough to defeat their foes forever.”

Beta testing opportunities for the new title are expected to open in July.