Want a girlfriend? What about a virtual one?

Every man knows the day you get married and put a ring on your finger is the day you instantly become a magnet to countless beauties that seemed so hard to get when you were solo. 

Obviously, you can only succumb to that temptation at your own risk – you can be certain that even the most forgiving wife will not take too kindly to becoming a stepping stone to your extramarital fantasies.

But men everywhere no longer need to wait to till they get married before they can sweep their dream girl off their feet – enter Cloud Girlfriend.

With cloud computing being so front of mind of late, the choice of name is genius. Now, Cloud Girlfriend is a start up established to play on the ‘what you can’t have’ cravings of humankind.

How? By hooking you up with a virtual girlfriend so you can have much better chances of winning over your real life dream girl.


And here’s how. Users of the site sign up for the service, define their perfect woman, Cloud Girlfriend “creates” her and finally you connect with her on your public social media profile such as Facebook.


The idea would be to keep the online relationship as public as is realistically possible in order to make sure your real dream girl catches wind of what’s happening. The expected outcome would be for your dream girl to start to let down her guard to so as to avoid you being spirited away forever by another woman.


Don’t call us seers for saying that this service is likely to generate outrage and delight in near equal proportions. And we can predict that the divide between the outrage and delight will be very close to a clean separation between the genders – men on the “hurrah!” and women on the “ridiculous!”


There are some unknowns though.

First, how will it for instance fare against FaceBook’s Terms of Service? We are also not certain how effective it will be if you have lived down the street from your dream girl for years – there might be an obvious disconnect between your ‘vibrant’ online love life and your daily routine.