Video: Street Fighter Kinect hack lets you throw fireballs

If “Hadouken” means anything to you, you were probably a teen in the 90s and played Street Fighter, the most epic arcade style game ever coded.

Born in the arcade, Street Fighter has taken many forms on the computer, Sega Genesis, etc., standing the test of time and evolving as new gaming systems continue to advance. 

Its newest incarnation? Within the motion gaming world of Kinect.

Kinect Hadouken from Elliot Woods on Vimeo.

Since its inception, Kinect has been a target for hackers hoping to create their own motion gaming experience. 

We’ve seen the hacker that made it easy to touch virtual boobs, we’ve seen Kinect sex, and now we’ve got a Street Fighter style fire ball throwing augmented reality moment (with signature Hadouken sound effect for the win!).

Based on the Kinect’s 3-d mapping technology technology, hacker Elliot Woods created his own augmented reality Street Fighter experience focused on fireballs. 

The coolest thing about this hack is that Woods was able to tap into the Kinect’s ability to spew light from its sensor, creating a virtual dynamic light source is thrown about the livingroom, casting light on real object throughout the players space.

If you hear “Hadouken!” coming from your neighbor’s space along with some flashes of light, just remember, it’s not a zombie apocolypse but rather just another awesome Kinect hack.

(Via Engadget) [[Kinect]]