Urban Tool touts geeky gadget holsters for hipsters

Are you a geeky male hipster with an ironic, badly trimmed soul patch? Do you have an (understandably) depressed girlfriend who routinely refuses to lug around your tricked-out and tattooed Apple gear?

If you answered yes to any of the above-mentioned questions, you may want to check out Urban Tool’s uber-nerdy lineup of holster bags.

Yes, indeed, the allegedly “stylish” businessHolster, ihipHolster and pocketHolster bags are supposedly the “perfect choice” to carry those state-of-the-art gadgets you just can’t be without.  

Besides, don’t you know that fashion has long ceased to be “for women only?”

That’s right, you Misfits loving malcontent!

According to Urban Tool, more and more men are “refining” their style with “eye-catching” bags, accessories and purses.

Why, you ask?

Well, apparently men also want to carry their keys, mobile phones, credit cards and notebooks in a stylish way.


But clearly, the (painfully obvious) Euro-centric Urban Tool holsters still have quite a ways to go before they attract the attention of America’s hipster elite – even if they are ironic and clichéd.

In the meantime, the tattooed and pierced masses will just have to make do with their grungy bike bags covered in Velvet Undeground and “free the weed” stickers.