Unplugging: Remembering Nate Dogg

Not all news in the music world can be good news, and mxdwn.com delivers some sad news in this week’s Unplugging column.

It has been a downer week for hip hop fans after the death of Death Row artist Nate Dogg. After a long career working with the cream of the crop in the hip hop industry, Nate Dogg has passed away at the age of forty one. Gaining credit by working with fellow artists like Dr. Dre and Warren G and releasing a number of solo albums, he will definitely be missed in the hip hop community.

Although he had been suffering from health problems for the last few years, the cause of death is still to be determined. Nate Dogg’s brother, Samuel, tells fans a formal statement about the situation will be released soon.

On a much happier note, A Perfect Circle has announced a re-union tour. After spending most of their time on the west coast, the band will hit the road on their first tour since 2004.

On this go around, the tour will feature Maynard James Keenan and Billy Howerdel as usual, but will also showcase former Smashing Pumpkins members James Iha and Matt McJunkins. The tour is set to begin after the band’s May 22 performance at Columbus’ Rock on the Range and promised to hit every major region in North America.

Good news for Gorillaz fans with a taste for vinyl: the band plans to release their killer new digital album, The Fall, on 180 gm. The 15 track record, produced completely on an iPad, will be available to fans as a vinyl copy on April 16 compliments of Virgin Records, and as a CD on April 19. Also announcing an upcoming release, the Beastie Boys have set a date for the issuing of their eighth studio album, Hot Sauce Committee Pt. 2. The band’s first full length album since 2007 will be available to anxious fans on May 3.

For music lovers looking to get their hands on some tunes for cheap, Bridge Nine Records has revealed a new digital music subscription service. Members of the service get access to all the music the label has to offer for only $30 a year.

To round out the week, we have some news about the music  world crossing over with the film industry. Die Antwoord, an up and coming rap group from Capetown, South Africa, recently starred in the short film Umshini Wam, which premiered at SXSW on March 16. The film, directed by Harmony Korine, features original tracks by the group and is now available online.

RIP Nate Dogg, Death Row Artist: After years in the hip hop industry, rapper Nate Dogg dies at the age of forty one after suffering from health problems from the past several years.

A Perfect Circle Takes Re-union on Tour: On their first tour since 2004, A Perfect Circle brings along former Smashing Pumpkin members on their trek across North America starting on May 22. Follow the link to see the full list of dates.

The Gorillaz Digital Album, The Fall, Set For Vinyl Release April 16: Fans of the band born from the digital age can look forward to the Gorillaz’s newest album, produced entirely on an iPad, to be released on vinyl.

Beastie Boys set Date for Hot Sauce Committee pt. 2: The highly anticipated release of the Beastie Boys’ eight studio album has been set for May 3.

Bridge Nine Records Reveals Digital Music Subscription Service: Bridge Nine Record label has created a low cost music subscription for fans for to get and share music.

Watch Die Antwoord’s Short Film: South African rap group, Die Antwoord, star in a new short film directed by Harmony Korine. Follow the link to watch the full video.