Unplugging: Outside Lands and Summer Slaughter are on this summer

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What do music, food, wine, art, and San Francisco all have in common? A classy and charitable event August 12-14. The aptly named Outside Lands music festival of Golden Gate Park in San Francisco is again singing for success.

Tickets went on sale April 14 at noon and they’re going fast. With over 50 artists performing, a weekend-long wine tasting, and food samples dispersed throughout the venue, Outside Lands is predicted to be one of the most elegant art festivals of the year. Philistines beware.
After 16 years of alternative and progressive rock-music-making, Rx Bandits announced this summer tour will be their last. The festival fan favorite – remembered for their performances at Bonnaroo, Coachella, The Bamboozle, and Warped Tour – are separating peacefully and expressed, “love and appreciation” for all of the loyal fans. While it is sad to hear the Rx Bandits go, their summer tour will be one to remember.
There are a lot of things you can do with eight hours: A full day of work, perhaps prepare a multiple course meal, maybe start a scrapbook, or you could compose the music for an entire album with nothing more than a few gifted artists by your side. Luckily for Berklee City Music, an organization that educates teens on the elements of music for free, a group of four musicians are coming together to see what musical magic they can make in just eight hours. Amanda Palmer, Ben folds, Neil Gaiman, and Damian Kulash are coming together to raise money for Berklee City Music April 25. The group plans to write and record eight songs in eight hours and then will release the album on Bandcamp.com just 10 hours later. Want in? The whole event will be broadcast on rethink-music.com come April 25.
Death metal fans, it’s time to rise up for the North American event of the season this July through August. The fifth annual Summer Slaughter music tour will feature both classics and rising stars of the death metal genre. Participants can expect to see Six Feet Under, Metal Blade’s The Black Dahlia Murder, Whitechapel, Dying Fetus, As Blood Runs Black and Darkest Hour, to name a few. Dying to go? Luckily, the entire tour runs from July 21 – August 21.
For the first time in eight years, Jane’s Addiction is releasing a studio album called The Great Escape Artistthis August. Alternative rock fans everywhere have anticipated the Capital Records release thanks to an unfinished version of the song “End to the Lies” going viral. The impatient fan can get a small fix of the upcoming album on janesaddiction.com by downloading “End to the Lies,” or can just check out one of the tour dates already in action.
Locked away in Jack White’s Vault is the release of a plethora of White Stripes Swag. If opened, Third Man Records Vault has a seven-inch single and live DVD waiting for anyone who signs on for a vault account. So what’s the key here? Vault holds all the treasures you need to keep up with the White Stripes and other epic Third Man Artists.
UnpluggingIn Brief:
Outside Landsthemusic-and-wine-heavyart festival in San Francisco will be held August 12-14, and if you are on your game you can get tickets now.
Rx BanditsAre stealing away into retirement. This summer tour will be their last, so make sure to bid them a proper farewell.
Berklee City Musicwill be blessed with the harmonious sounds of eight songs composed and recorded in eight hours by Amanda Palmer, Ben folds, Neil Gaiman, and Damian Kulash. Proceeds from the impromptu album go to Berklee City Music and support their free teen music education services. The event will be broadcast on rethink-music.com April 25.
Summer Slaughter – has confirmed their North American tour of death metal favorites this July 21 – August 21. The fifth annual event should be nothing short of a scream.

Jane’s Addiction – is back to bring your fix of alternative rock. The album, The Great Escape Artist, will be released this August. If you need a shot of ‘em now, go to janesadiction.com for a song sample from the upcoming album called, “End to the Lies.”
White Stripes – swag can be swindled from Jack White’s Third Man Records Vault including a seven-inch single and a live DVD. Lock that up and visit Third Man Records Vault.

* Angelique Robinson, MXDWN