Unplugging: LCD Soundsystem says goodbye with Arcade Fire

What’s hot in the music world? MXDWN has your Unplugging update all right here.

LCD Soundsystem went out in style April 2 with a nearly four-hour long farewell concert featuring Arcade Fireand an audience decked in black and white garments, per the band’s request.

The ten-year-old dance-punk band made a long and lasting impression on both those present in Madison Square Garden and those watching the streaming video online. Rock in peace, LCD Soundsystem. It looks like “this really is happening.”

Start your countdown for the release of the highly anticipated album “Rome, ” now six-years in the making.

Grammy award winning Danger Mouse in association with famed film composer Daniele Luppi first released their plans to create the Spaghetti Western album in 2005 and have confirmed that May 17 is the dream date.

Modern Jazz sweetheart Norah Jones along with number 17 in Rolling Stone’s “The 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time,” Jack White are just some of the treasures that can be found in “Rome.”

The American indie favorite, Death Cab for Cutie, has hipsters everywhere high on happiness with the upcoming release of their new album Codes and Keys.” The May 31 release date is not all fans are anticipating, because the four-man-band will be on tour all summer long. Better catch that cab while you can.
The man responsible for awarding breaks to some of New York’s most beloved artists passed away March 31. Sixty-six year old Don Hill, who founded the legendary nightclub Don Hill’s in 1993, will be greatly missed as he is considered, according to the music scene of The City, to be the greatest club owner of all time.
Record Store Day will be hosting Jerry Lee Lewis in Nashville April 16. If that isn’t enough to get you to fly down to Nashville, maybe the four vinyl release albums including work by The White Stripes, Karen Elson, and the hot mix of “Rome” by Danger Mouse and Daniele Luppi can persuade you.
This May, the industrial Canadian fan favorite, Front Line Assembly, will finally get to tour in America after fighting some “unforeseen” struggles that followed the release of “Improvised. Electronic. Device.” This tour will be the first since 2007 to include the U.S.A., and judging by the band’s 25-year-old track record, it won’t be the last.
UnpluggingIn Brief:
LCD SoundsystemRocked their final performance in Madison Square Garden featuring Arcade Fire and streamed the whole thing online for those who couldn’t make the farewell event.
Rome”as it turns out, wasn’t built in a day. In fact, the album “Rome” collaborated by Danger Mouse and Daniele Luppi featuring singer Norah Jones and guitarist Jack White has been about six-years coming. May 17, it will be released to the humble plebeians. Of the world.
Death Cab for Cutiewill be releasing their album “Codes and Keys” May 31, followed by a nation-wide tour.
Don Hill – passed away March 31 at age 66. The New York club owner known for boosting amateur musician careers will be greatly missed.
Jerry Lee Lewis– will be hosted by the rocking Record Store Day in Nashville April 16. The event will also feature 4 hot vinyl releases including work by The White Stripes, Karen Elson, Danger Mouse and Daniele Luppi.
Front Line Assembly– Is finally breaching U.S. soil this May after four long years of waiting. Want tickets? Get in line.

Angelique Robinson, MXDWN