Unplugging: Flaming Lips and M83

After all the recent tragedies to strike the music world, it feels good to finally have a mostly nonchalant week. MXDWN welcomes the positive happenings of the week, despite the sad cancellation of the Sunset Junction Street Fair.

Less than a week before the Sunset Junction Street Fair was to take place, the Los Angeles Board of Public Works put a halt on this year’s festivities due to unpaid city fees from last year’s festival. Since then, vendors and ticketholders have yet to receive refunding, despite a pledge that was made almost a week ago promising expenses would be refunded in full.

Ticket vendors antsy to refund customers have had difficulties getting a hold of the organizers of the fair, and have resorted to posting Twitter announcements detailing that the cancellation will take time to process.

Although Sunset Junction’s Twitter feed stated that the official website had been taken down Wednesday, it appears to be up and running again. There, you can find accurate contact information that many people are using to try to get in touch with the fair organizers, regarding refunds.

Meanwhile, the Flaming Lips have been very busy lately, recording a plethora of new material and collaborating with Death Cab for Cutie, Black Moth Super Rainbow, and Lightening Bolt. In fact, The Lips recently released a 4-track EP with Lightening Bolt.

Last month, a video for their track, “I Wanna Get High But I Don’t Want Brain Damage,” debuted, featuring a close-up of Wayne Coyne’s mouth for the duration of the song. The bands have released yet another video for, “I’m Working at NASA on Acid,” which begins with a mellow vibe and escalades to an earsplitting psychedelic beating.

And if that’s not enough, Coyne recently posted a twitter update announcing the band is working on a six hour-long song.

He’s posted two 20-second teasers of the potential tune, and although no other announcements have been made regarding the composition, fans can only hope it will be released soon.

Recently banned from Fox’s Red Eye, Gwar front man Oderus Urungus has been granted another big break via FEARnet.

As a cast member for the new series Holliston, Urungus will play a slightly altered version of himself, serving as an imaginary friend to the main character, Adam.

Living within his closet, Urungus will wield bad advice and demented suggestions as the main characters set out to make horror films.

Other cast members include Dee Snyder, Adam Green, and Joe Lynch. The series is set to start production this month. In the meantime, Gwar’s second annual Crack-A-Thon takes place this weekend at the MF Gallery in Brooklyn.

M83 has released another sneak peak of his upcoming album, Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming, set to drop October 18th. This new sneak peak is a stream of “Intro,” featuring Zola Jesus.

Anthony Gonzales’ lingering lyrics and dazzling synth tones set a vibe for what is to be expected from the rest of the upcoming double album. M83 previously streamed “Midnight City” a few months ago, which initially sparked anticipation for Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming.

Last month, Karen O announced her preparation of a “psycho-opera,” an event hosted by The Creators Project. Set to take place this October at St. Ann’s Warehouse in Brooklyn, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ front woman wrote material for the elusive “psycho-opera.”

In a recent press release, Karen O revealed the title of the project, adding that “it should feel like a psychedelic ride laced with catharsis.” The opera’s title is Stop the Virgens, and will run from October 12th through the 22nd. O’s work features musical direction from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ band mate Nick Zinner, and Sam Spiegel (aka producer Squeak E. Clean).

Unplugging in Brief:

No Refunds Yet for Sunset Junction Ticket Holders and Vendors – Almost a week after the Sunset Junction Street Fair announced its cancellation due to outstanding city fees, refunds have yet to be given to vendors and ticketholders.

Watch: The Flaming Lips/Lightning Bolt Release New Video “I’m Working at NASA on Acid” – The Flaming Lips and Lightening Bolt have collaboratively released a 4-song EP; check out the new video for their recent track.

The Flaming Lips Working On Six Hour Song – As announced via Wayne Coyne’s twitter, the band has been working on a six-hour song.

Gwar’s Oderus Urungus To Serve as Cast Member in Upcoming FEARnet Series, Holliston – Urungus has been given another chance at television stardom with FEARnet’s upcoming series, Holliston.

M83 Reveals Stream of Zola Jesus Collab Track “Intro” from Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming – Another sneak peak of M83’s upcoming double album is available to stream.

Yeah Yeah Yeah’s Vocalist Karen O Reveals”Psycho-Opera” Title – In a recent press release, Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs revealed the title of the elusive “psycho-opera” project that she has written songs for.

* Lily Angelle, MXDWN