Universal signs deal for secure content distribution

Vancouver, British Columbia – Universal Music Group (UMG) has signed a deal to distribute pre-release tracks to radio and TV stations throughout Europe, Asia, South America and Africa.

Recipients receive high quality original audio files in a quick digital download, which is locked to authorized computers. If the user is given adequate rights, they are able to export the file into an unlocked format. A proprietary inaudible watermark is embedded into the music so that if an unauthorized copy is found, the source of the file can be traced.

Universal already uses Destiny’s Play MPE(R) media distribution system across the US and the new deal will provide secure delivery services to all 77 countries where Universal Music’s wholly-owned companies and licensees operate. In use by over 1,000 labels around the world, the Play MPE(R) network currently has over 28,000 users and has delivered over 133,000 tracks.

Universal’s Mark Moroney said: “By adopting Destiny’s Play MPE(R) services, we can ensure that our pre-release content can be distributed quickly to all of our external press and radio contacts as well as our territories in a secure and controlled environment.”