UAE bans Heavy Rain over sultry seduction scene

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has reportedly banned a film noir video game over an allegedly sultry seduction scene.

According to MEGamers, Heavy Rain will join the exiled ranks of other unwelcomed video games, including THQ’s Darksiders and EA’s Dante’s Inferno.

“Recently, Electronic Arts had decided not to release Dante’s Inferno in the UAE which had a similar theme to Darksiders, keeping in mind the sensitivities of the region and the possibility of a ban by the NMC (National Media Council,” explained Hitesh Uchil of MEGamers.  

“Sadly, the ban on these games has given rise to a flourishing gray market where games like Dante’s Inferno and Heavy Rain are not only sold but often released before the games reach official distribution channels.”

Unsurprisingly, Destructoid’s Jim Sterling expressed similar sentiments.

“This moral crusade will, of course, just turn ordinary gamers into criminals as they find another means to get hold of the games,” opined Sterling.

“Still, if they want to do it the hard way, that’s up to them. The sex scene isn’t all that good, anyway.”