Twitter seeks staff to help it make money

The rumors that Twitter is hoping to actually start making a profit from its service look to be true, with the company advertising for staff devoted to generating revenue.

Twitter is looking for a front-end engineer and two software engineers devoted to monetization, along with a monetization product marketing manager.

The responsibilities of the product marketing manager include the ability to “develop, implement, and coordinate all outbound marketing and product positioning for new monetization products.”

Other ads call for the setting up of licensing deals, and for the design and implementation of search facilities.

Twitter struck deals in October to license its data feed to Google and Microsoft, so that tweets appear in search results – helping it turn a profit for the first time last year, it’s believed.  More content licensing agreements now look likely.

Twitter has widely been rumored to be looking at offering premium services such as reporting and analytical tools for major customers, and its plans look likely to include a greater focus on business users. “The work can range from better packaging existing features for businesses, to managing all outbound marketing for new monetisation products, to analysing customer needs for improved product development,” says one of the job ads.

The company also recently changed its terms of service to allow advertising on the site.