Tuner2 app enables Flash streaming radio for the iPhone

San Francisco (CA) – Media Tuners and Modulation Index have introduced an application that allows online radio stations to use a single format for streaming MPEG-4 HE AAC v2 audio over Windows, Mac and iPhone platforms.

“Tuner 2 is the first ever iPhone application to natively support the true RTMP protocol for streaming audio via Adobe Flash Media Server,” Modulation Index president Greg Ogonowski told TG Daily. “The app eliminates the need for additional server infrastructure and encoding. Now, iPhone owners can listen to the exact same stream reaching Windows, Mac and Linux desktops.”

According to Ogonowski, Tuner 2 is a “custom version” of the Modulation Index iPhone radio application. By supporting MPEG-4 HE AAC v2 audio delivered over an Adobe Flash Media server protocol, Tuner2 provides a more “stable” listening experience with “higher audio quality” than the more typical MP3 or HE AAC v1 over HTTP.

Ogonowski also noted that the MPEG-4 HE AAC v2 audio codec provided up to “4x better sound per bit than MP3,” while the Adobe Flash Media server protocol had “less overhead” than HTTP.

“For example, MP3 requires up to 128Kbps to match the quality of a 32Kbps HE AAC v2 stream. The solution also lets stations establish a single streaming source with interactivity and have that stream be fully experienced on Windows, Mac and iPhone,” added Ogonowski.