Transformers 3 is even bigger in IMAX

Michael Bay is a lot like the line in Spinal Tap: the amps go to eleven, or in his case, more like twenty. 

Like heavy metal itself, Bay wants everything bigger, fast, and more ear-splittingly louder than before.

Reports have surfaced his next movie, Pain and Gain, will be a much smaller story, but before tackling it, Transformers 3 is going to get even bigger than ever.

From August 26 to September 8 in 246 theaters across America, you’ll be able to see Transformers 3 on IMAX (re-release), assaulting all your senses beyond oblivion. 

Of course the popular film has been in heavy competition with Harry Potter over the biggest box office of the year title, and the IMAX re-release will definitely add more money to the Transformers pile. 

Ropeofsilicon also reports the film will probably hit DVD and Blu-Ray on November 15, so this will be your last chance to have the film blow you to the back of the theater before you have to scale down the mayhem for your home viewing system.


Reaction from the geek community? 

Collider says, “If Michael Bay did one thing right (and that may be the case), Transformers 3 was the production of a truly IMAX-worthy spectacle.” weighs in by noting, “If there’s any way to experience this Transformers movie, it’s in an IMAX theater being blown away by the sound and that awesome hour-long action sequence at the end.”


The only thing more insane than this would be having all the Transformers films play on a triple bill, which will probably destroy your equilibrium for a few weeks. 

It almost makes me think of the David Cronenberg movie Crash where people get sexually turned on from car accidents. So really, maybe all the noisy, booming, smashing robots presented in the biggest, loudest forum is equivalent to a cinematic lap dance for geeks.