Trailer released for Supernatural: The Anime Series

The trailer for Supernatural: The Anime Series looks pretty creepy, but seems to take some liberties with the story.

Supernatural is in its sixth season, and is continuing to gain popularity for its creative storytelling, and dynamic characters, and while it may seem like the characters die and return one too many times for a good narrative to function, it seems to all tie together well for the fans of the series.

Over the last few seasons, the show has picked in popularity internationally, especially in Japan. That overseas popularity is the inspiration for this adaptation, which has been produced by Warner Home Video Japan and Madhouse animation studio.

Supernatural: The Anime Series is 22 episodes, which cover the story of Sam and Dean Winchester through the first two seasons of the live-action show.

From this trailer, it looks like they’ve taken a lot of liberties with the story.

I don’t remember Sam standing on any gigantic eye balls for example. In fact, nothing from the story seems familiar from my memories of the first two seasons.

Not that that means it will be bad. In fact, it might have been kind-of boring to just rehash that story directly.

Getting a wacked-out Japanese take on the take of the two monster-hunting brothers will be kind-of fun, and the style of the new show looks a lot like some of my favorite animes from bygone days.

The show won’t be broadcast, but the DVD and Blu-ray sets will be available July 26th. The series will also be streamed via On Demand.