Tobacco smoke makes Super Smash Bros Brawl unplayable on Wii

Kyoto (Japan) – Super Smash Bros Brawl is one of the most talked about video games for any console, but players in Japan have come to realize that their Wii must be free of dust and smoke for the game to operate.

Super Smash Bros Brawl is the first Wii game written on a dual-layer disc.  Nintendo says this makes it more vulnerable to external conditions that could have an impact on the console’s ability to read game content.

Specifically, Nintendo has pointed out that tobacco smoke is the most problematic environmental hazard, with dust also creating errors in disc reading.

To the surprise of many, Nintendo recently opened up a customer service website for this specific issue, and it will even repair any Wii that cannot play the game free of charge, regardless of whether or not it is still under warranty.

Nintendo has not commented on how it will handle this problem for the US release of the game, which is scheduled for March 9.