Three new PS One Classics come to Xperia Play

The Xperia Play, known colloquially as the Playstation Phone, is getting new games.

At E3 this week, the device’s manufacturer Sony Ericsson unveiled a whole bunch of new titles optimized for the phone. Dozens of games were added to the specialized Android store, ranging from existing mobile games tweaked to work with the Play’s controls, to hot titles from publishers exclusive to the Play.

The most notable of these were the addition of three more Playstation One games: Jet Moto, Hot Shots Golf 2, and Wipeout.

While many Xperia Play games are optimizing the use of the device’s configuration, it is the addition of PS One titles that is perhaps the most interesting, since they would not work on any other mobile phone without structural changes to the software itself.

Sony Ericsson is aware that the Xperia Play hasn’t been selling like hotcakes, and the number of Play-optimized game downloads is woefully small, but it is not concerned.

It is a very niche device, and the company expects that over time, hardcore gamers will come to realize it has the best selection of mobile gaming content, and casual gamers will realize the Xperia Play is the next evolution in their gaming careers.

With the dedicated Playstation button controls, a Qualcomm Snapdraggon processor, and strong publisher support, Sony Ericsson sees a long road for the Xperia Play. Gaming phones have failed in the past, but mobile gaming is actually cool now, so the device definitely has a shot.