THQ preps Red Faction sequel for E3 debut

THQ CEO Brian Farrell has announced plans to release a “high-quality” sequel to Red Faction in fiscal 2011.

According to IGN, the new Red Faction game will debut at E3 2010 this June.

“Building on their innovative destruction engine, our team at Volition is delivering a quality sequel in the Red Faction universe that will include robust online gameplay,” said Farrell.

“[We also plan to launch] Homefront, a first-person shooter, [which] made a strong debut at E3 last spring.

“The game’s compelling storyline, coupled with its ground-breaking multiplayer capabilities, are two reasons we believe this game will become a new hit franchise for THQ.”

In addition, Farrell confirmed that THQ planned to launch a Saints Row sequel in fiscal 2012.

“[He] explained that the open-world urban action of the Saints Row  franchise is a particularly complicated type of game development that faces high-quality competition – implying Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto series,” reported GamaSutra’s Chris Remo.

“[Farrell] said THQ has been [pleased] with the success of the series, which surpassed 5 million units sold in total.”