THQ demos Darksiders, showcases MX vs. ATV

Los Angeles (CA) – THQ has unveiled a number of new games in honor of E3, including MX vs. ATV, Homefront, Space Marine and Darksiders. The company also released its long-awaited Red Faction: Guerrilla.

MX vs. ATV

MX vs. ATV (PS3 and Xbox 360) allows players to control various vehicles, such as MX bikes, ATVs, sport buggies, trucks and snowmobiles. We at TG Daily had the opportunity to play a demo version of the game and came away with a very favorable impression. Indeed, the intuitive controls facilitated precise movements, while the stunning visuals created a truly immersive simulation.

A Rainbow Studios rep told us that the title had been designed completely from scratch and was powered by an advanced engine that allowed users to create a dynamic, rather than static environment.

“Player created tracks and ruts are not just for show,” the rep explained. “They remain and actively influence the physics of the game. For example, a previously smooth surface that has been made bumpy will remain so and influence the control and feel of the vehicle.”


This classic-style adventure game introduces
the first Horseman of the Apocalypse (War) who stands accused of
breaking a sacred law by inciting a deadly conflict between Heaven and
Hell. The Horseman, forced to stand trial before a sacred council, is unceremoniously exiled to Earth without his formidable powers.

demo version of Darksiders offered players the ability to “unleash the
wrath of War” by combining attacks and other “supernatural” abilities.
Other notable items included an “extreme” arsenal of angelic, demonic
and earthly weapons.

Darksiders, described by THQ as an “epic
quest,” is nicely rendered and rather reminiscent of Unreal or Quake
from the days of yore. Of course, the graphics are light years ahead of
those early games, but it does help Darksiders depict a rather
nostagic, yet appealing world.

Although Darksider’s complex
system of abilities and varied arsenal is likely to prove confusing to
newbies, the game will certainly be welcome by veteran Xbox 360, PS3
and Windows PC gamers. 


Homefront, created by John Milius, is set ten years after the economic collapse of the United States and the subsequent American Civilian Resistance – fought to end “an oppressive North Korean occupation.”

“Homefront isn’t about going to war on the other side of the world or battling aliens from another planet; it’s about fighting foreign invaders in your own backyard and defending your right to live,” said David Votypka, design director, Kaos Studios. “Homefront combines the unsettling notion of an occupied America with interactive, player-driven narratives to create a deeply engaging single and multiplayer experience.”

This timely game couldn’t have been showcased at a better venue. To be sure, the current economic recession and ongoing tension with North Korea lent an added sense of realism to Homefront. While playing the demo, I couldn’t help but wonder if any of the gritty scenarios were likely to occur within the near future. Far-fetched? Maybe, but these are strange times.

Homefront will be playable on the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.